Northern Roots : Snipe Clough

Northern Roots: Snipe Clough Project in Oldham: June 2020 

Ecological Restoration Solutions (UK) has reported recently to Northern Roots through TEP Ltd., on a soil-sampling strategy which will inform the masterplan for the Snipe Clough Project.

Northern Roots is an exciting new development supported by the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham with 64.7 hectares of underused green space which will be developed as a community resource that includes new businesses plus an urban farm and eco-park with growing of edible crops, animal husbandry, bee-keeping, forestry, mountain biking and outdoor events. Two key drivers of the Northern Roots project are sustainability and enhanced biodiversity of the site.

The Soil Strategy will inform the development of the masterplan, creation of a soil remediation strategy for contaminated and historic landfill areas, inform requirements for soil building in the growing zone and soil amendment in eco-park areas where enhanced biodiversity, carbon capture or woodland planting are the prime objectives.

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