Lockdown Exercise – Bluebell Survey

Whilst exercising in the countryside close to Little Neston, Ness and Leahurst (located in south Wirral, Cheshire) Phil Putwain has been undertaking a survey of native common bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta). The hedgerow flora has many populations of bluebell that occur along ancient tracks (green lanes some of which are hollow ways) in this area. Bluebell has also colonised woodland that has regenerated on the site of old marl pits last utilised in the late 19th century. What better way to make the daily perambulation more than just a physical exercise?

Northern Roots : Snipe Clough

Northern Roots: Snipe Clough Project in Oldham: June 2020  Ecological Restoration Solutions (UK) has reported recently to Northern Ro...