Beatrice - Morayshire

Beatrice offshore windfarm’s onshore substation Morayshire 

Ecological Restoration Solutions was commissioned by The Environmental Partnership  (TEP)  to develop and deliver a soil assessment and recommendations for horticultural re-use  at the Beatrice offshore windfarm’s onshore substation site, Keith, Morayshire,. The site will be landscaped so that screening bunds are created using site-won topsoil and subsoils and these will be planted with coniferous woodland, deciduous woodland with shrubs and shrub mix and species-rich meadow grassland.

An element of the assessment will be to recommend amendment with appropriate organic composts and/or specific inorganic fertilizer products that will improve physical and chemical soil properties in order to enhance the establishment and sustainable growth of the various landscape end uses. The soil amendments are currently being undertaken by contractors.

June 2019

Extensive habitat survey of land in Wirral   Ecological Restoration Solutions has been undertaking an extensive Phase 1 Habitiat Survey...